Family Mediation

Family mediation is a process in which an independent and trained Mediator can help you work out arrangements and solve issues that arise. These arrangements can include financial matters following your separation and also those surrounding your child/children.

It is widely regarded that a family mediation process is less stressful and significantly quicker than contested court proceedings as well as saving both parties significant sums. The mediation process is built upon willing individuals agreeing to participate in this process to find workable solutions.

Mediation can be used as an alternative to, or alongside, the court process. It can be entered into at any stage with the express agreement of the parties and is always something that should be actively considered in any family law circumstance.

Key benefits of mediation

  • It is a voluntary process that puts the power back in your hands
  • You cannot be forced to do or agree anything that you don’t want to
  • Unlike a courtroom, the decision stays with you
  • Brings other solutions into discussion that may not be so readily considered in a court process
  • Saves significant time and costs
  • Agreements reached can be made legally binding by a court if you wish.


Henry Chambers is able to offer the mediation services of a specialist family law barrister that has also worked at Partner level within a solicitor Firm. This gives us a unique understanding of the legal case process as we can combine these two skillsets together.

As a mediator we are not here to tell you what to do but instead help you reach an agreement with your ex-partner.


It is difficult to say how long the mediation process will take as this depends on the issues involved and amount of time it will take to reach an agreement that you and your ex-partner fully understand and support. It is often advised that there will be between 4 – 6 sessions in any mediation process but this is just an indicative example and not a hard and fast rule. Some agreements are reached must earlier and some can take some more sessions in order to find the required resolution.


Henry Chambers deals with Family Law Mediation cases on a privately paying basis. Our costs are as noted as follows:

  • £125 plus VAT (for each participant) per hour for a Mediations session.
  • Preparation of Protected Summary of Proposals and Open Summary of Facts (where relevant) £150 plus VAT per hour (per person).
  • A two hour session fee fixed at £200 plus VAT per hour (per person).