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Finding Peace in Family Law Matters: A Modern Approach to Resolving Personal Challenges

Henry Chambers has been set up as a Barristers Company and was approved by the Bar Standards Board in May 2023. It is a culmination of years’ worth of hard work, determination, and experience. The Company is owened by Jack Henry, a practising Barrister in the Cotswolds.  


The usual method that a Barrister will work is via their Chambers. A Chambers is a collection of self-employed barristers that work independently but with the administrative support of Chambers. A Chambers can vary in size and they are located throughout England and Wales. This is what is referred to as the Self-Employed Bar. Barristers can also practice at the Employed Bar whereby they can be specifically employed by a Solicitors Firm or other organisations such as working for the Government in a certain department.


Jack Henry trained at the Self-Employed Bar on the South Coast and has spent time working in a Chambers in Bristol. Jack also worked at the Employed Bar within a Solicitors Firm within the Cotswolds and rose to the ranks of the Head of the Family Law and Litigation Department. Jack also become a Partner within the practice in 2021.


Henry Chambers offers a unique opportunity to combine the skills obtained both as a Self-Employed Barrister being instructed by solicitors to attend Court and an Employed Barrister who was able to run cases on a day to day basis. Traditionally, the legal industry is broken down into Legal Practitioners working in Solicitors Firms or working at the Self-Employed Bar. Members of the public will look to meet with their chosen Solicitor and if required they will also instruct a Barrister through that Solicitor Firm.


Henry Chambers is proud of the traditional roots in the industry and welcomes working with solicitors. Henry Chambers is able to take instructions both on advice and advocacy matters from Solicitor Firms as well as handling any alternative Dispute Resolution matters. A unique element of the Company is that it can also offer in-house training to Solicitor Firms, as Jack was previously the Training Principle of his last Firm. Jack also offers national training currently to a range of Solicitors, Paralegals, Trainee Solicitors, and Cilex Practitioners through a national training body andhas done so for two years. The Company also has the ability to assist in ad hoc locum support where required.


Under the Public Access Scheme, Henry Chambers is able to work directly with members of the public, where appropriate. This allows a direct route for members of the public to instruct jack Henry as a Barrister. All potential Public Access work is discussed with potential clients to assess whether this will be a suitable process. In many cases there may be a preference to work with solicitors or other Public Access Scheme Barristers. Henry Chambers is proud of the local pracitioners and has a variety of recommendations that can be made for any sort of case.


The ethos of the Company has been created to allow a modern and adaptable approach to traditional methods. We aim to give high level service to all of our clients that is built on strong foundations of legal advice and advocacy services. These can be tailored to a range of needs to find flexible and workable solutions.


Henry Chambers can take instructions from both solicitor Firms and members of the public. If you would like to discuss how we may be able to assist, please do not hesitate to email us at info@henry-chambers.com 

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